Tips for Ideal Images

👋 Welcome, you’re probably on this page because you want to better understand how to submit the right images to get the best results using our AI 💪

This is indeed the most important part of the process. If you do this properly you should have around 10 great images with maybe 5 of those that you really love. This is the usual experience with around 2.22-5.12% refund rate. We estimate around 5% of users will not be happy even if their images are really good quality but you can avoid being in this group by doing your best to send images that the AI can process.

Whatever you give the AI you will get more of. This means that if you send images which are too similar (e.g. you’re wearing a blue shirt in 10 pictures) you’ll get a generated image where your blue shirt appears to be part of your face or outfit.

Whatever style of hair or facial hair you upload you will get more of.

Two Most Important things are Facial Clarity and Image Diversity

What is Facial Clarity?

This means that your face is not obstructed in any way and that your natural appearance is emphasised without any artificial light, filters, photos of photos or anything that compromises the quality of the image

Images to avoid ⇒

  • Hats and Sunglasses and Beanies
  • Photos of Photos
  • Anything that obstructs the face
  • Headphones and Speaker sets
  • Repetitive Jewelry
  • Makeup in all pictures
  • Repetitive images wearing the same clothes (e.g. Photoshoots)
  • Image which have filters applied from other services (Avatars, Snapchat, Instagram)

The ideal image is one that is taken in daylight with only you in the picture where each feature of the face is clearly visible and not obscured in any way.

Examples of Bad Input

Here’s some examples of bad input which would greatly decrease the quality of your AI generations with labels below each image.

  • Wearing sunglasses

  • Not only you in the picture

  • Face cropped too close and also blurry

  • Wearing a cap or beanie

  • Photo of a Photo

  • Avatars should be avoided.

    No AI Avatars or any images that is not authentically you

  • Face has been retouched by another tool

  • Blurry image - can’t see eyes and face clearly

  • Anything that obstructs the face

  • Markings on the face

  • Coloured light on face. This would affect your skin tone in the AI generation